Hello and welcome to the Manual.

In this manual i will pretty much show you how reviews work.

This would be a regular review:

Name of Thing

The Thing
Status of Thing:

Status of Thing again: Blah?

Another 'Status of Thing: Bluh...

More stuff about Thing: BLOOOOOOO!

This is my thoughts on Thing. Thing has emotionally grasped me, cooked me food, came up with a idea for world peace and made sweet love to me for 32 hours! Thing has rob my house, put my most praised possessions in a big fire that was made by burning my entire family and friends and is now outlawing me in the country i live.

Conclusion is, Thing is insanely bipolar.

Shinaz Stars

These would be the regular stars given at the end of a thing depending if it was good or bad:

Shinaz Star Rating 5 out of 5

It's Great!

Shinaz Star Rating 4 out of 5

Could Be Better.

Shinaz Star Rating 3 out of 5

Too Many Flaws...

Shinaz Star Rating 2 out of 5

Pretty Bad!

Shinaz Star Rating 1 out of 5

Simply Horrible.

Shinaz Star Rating 0 out of 5

The Worst?!

And if the thing was REALLY REALLY great. It gets my seal of approval like this:

Name of Thing Editor's Choice

Simple Enough Right